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Our Board

The following volunteers are dedicated to the Mission and Vision of Rochester Boat Club, serving on the Board of Directors—each in multiple capacities as shown below:

Dianne Amuso
Fundraising Chair, Grants
Julie Baker
Logistics Chair, Coach Coordinator, Programming, and Tenant Coordinator
Jill Eisenstein
Club Treasurer, Regatta Co-Chair
Patrick Fricke
Boathouse Chair, Coaching Chair, Equipment Manager
Jean Lourette
Club President, Newsletter, Volunteer Coordinator
Rich Lourette
Website Chair, Registration Chair, Boathouse support
Alix Quinn
Michael Raith
Registrar, Coxswain Coordinator, and Equipment Rental Coordinator
Jenn Turney
Website support, Registration, IT/Email, Paypal, Surveys
Lisa Wiborg
Regatta Co-Chair, Discover Rowing events, Events Chair