Our Board

The following volunteers are dedicated to the Mission and Vision of Rochester Boat Club, serving on the Board of Directors—each in multiple capacities as shown below:

Julie Baker
Jill Eisenstein
Chair of Promotions, Chair of Website
Anita Kealey
Coxswain Co-Coordinator, Intake Coordinator, DRC
Jean Lourette
Co-founder, Co-president, Newsletter
Rich Lourette
Co-founder, Website/Registration/Boathouse support
Alix Quinn
Treasurer, Scholarship Coordinator, Head DRC
Michael Raith
Club Secretary, Chair of Events & Hospitality, C2 Captain, DRC
Harry Stanton
Chair of Boathouse and Equipment, Chair of Boathouse Usage
Leslie Swift
Chair of Grants and Fundraising, DRC
Jenn Turney
Co-president, Chair of Registration, Chair of Rowing Program Support, DRC
Lisa Wiborg
Vice President, Regatta Chair, Special Events Chair, Rower Liaison, DRC