Our Coaches

Rochester Boat Club is delighted to have the following coaches on staff:

Anthony Petrella
Anthony PetrellaCoach Anthony
What do you like best about rowing?
“What I enjoy about rowing has changed significantly over the past several years. As my relationship with the sport evolves from rower to coach, I find myself enjoying the therapy it provides more and more. There’s nothing more calming than a quiet summer morning on the canal with a train passing by. All you can hear is the chug-a-lug of the engine and the thump of collars locking in at the catch. It’s peaceful and I try to show my athletes that side of rowing.”

What other hobbies do you have besides rowing/coaching?
“I love gardening and spending time outside. I try and spend most of my free time meditating or learning something new.”

How did you become interested in rowing?
“My older sister was the one who got me into rowing. She rowed for Fairport Crew and I wanted to do everything she did when I was younger.”

Connor Wilt

Jack Hilbert

Bri Fennessey

Konstantin Hamilton

Heidi Granville

Erin Kealey