Attendance Policies

All rowers will have to miss a class now and then; it is important for all to understand the process if this happens. We have added the Session Accounting Tab to the sign up doc so that you can review your attendance at any time during the session.

Credits – Occur when the club cancels a class. Often this is due to weather (or air quality!). When class is canceled the rower receives a Credit. That credit can be used for any class during the SEASON. A season is defined by Indoor or Outdoor.  Credits must be used within the Season and cannot be carried forward.  Credits from canceled classes can also be donated to our RBC Rower financial assistance program – ROW IT FORWARD.  Donated credits count as a charitable contribution.

Make-Ups –  Are allowed when a rower misses a class and indicates that they are unavailable before noon the day prior to class on the signup doc.  A missed class is marked as an Absence on the Session Accounting tab.  Makeups can be rowed at any time during the current Season. They do not carry forward (Indoor to Outdoor) so we encourage you to use them before the season closes out. This is why we offer a Flex session at the end of Outdoor when rowers can use their make-ups. Please note that when you do a make-up you must indicate the date that you are using the make-up for.  For example: A. Rower mu 6/4. Please check the session accounting tab if you are unsure about which dates you missed.

Subs – Subs are a vital part of our program and greatly appreciated by your fellow rowers. Subbing is a free row to help fill a boat. Subs are limited to those rowers currently registered to row and to rowers who rowed in the last session.  Subs will be allowed on any boat with 4 or 8 rowers. New: With our vibrant sculling community we now allow Subs for a Quad. When signing up please indicate Quad next to your name. For example: A. Rower QUAD.

Sub vs. Make-up – If you are subbing for a class at your experience level or above, and have outstanding make-ups, we ask that you apply your make-up, rather than being recorded as a sub.

Single Rows – Allows you to pay for a single class.  When signing up please indicate SR next to your name. The boating order is: Registered Rowers, Make-ups, Single Rows, then Subs.

Did Not Show –  Occasionally a rower does not come to class and does not notify the Daily Row Coordinator (DRC) or Coach.  Please avoid this as an empty seat affects an entire boat!  These will be indicated on the Session Accounting as a DNS and are NOT eligible to be made up.  If you DNS for a makeup class you will relinquish that makeup..

Exceptions to the rules (ie: injuries, extended illness) will be looked at on a case by case basis.