RBC specifics for all coxswains:

  1. US Rowing membership: ALL rowers and staff must be members of US Rowing. There is a yearly fee of $9.75. Join or renew here if necessary:  https://membership.usrowing.org/
  2. Re-watch the US Rowing safety video annually.
  3. Read our RBC Code of Conduct and Rower Etiquette
  4. Fill out the RBC Enrollment form incl. emergency info If you are under 18, please have a parent sign the waiver at the bottom.
  5. RBC Boathouse land procedures Details of who does what on land.
  6. Coxing masters rowers at RBC: Advice especially for coxswains from youth clubs (who already know how to steer a boat).
  7. RBC Safety plan

General resources:

Resources in writing:

Video resources: